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Bath Remodels for Seniors

Our team is here to help you plan your bathroom remodeling project from start to finish. When you hire BathWorks, we’ll sit with you to talk about not only your needs now, but help you anticipate your needs in the future as you prepare to age in place. 

We’ll take the time to show you product samples, tell you about our available safety features, and more, so you can feel confident that your upgraded bathroom will perfectly suit your needs. Come visit our showroom in Byron Center to get started!

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Safety Risks in the Bathroom

As you get older, the bathroom can become one of the most dangerous rooms in your home. Between slick floors and the high threshold of a traditional bathtub or shower, it’s not surprising that 80% of falls in the home happen in the bathroom. 

Some of the most common bathroom hazards for seniors include the following:

  • Tight spaces, which can be difficult to maneuver
  • Scalding water temperatures in the tub or shower
  • Inadequate lighting, making it difficult to see
  • Wet flooring, which can cause slips
  • High shower and tub thresholds, which can cause tripping and falling

By proactively remodeling your bathroom, you can reduce these risks and stay safe. 

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Aging-in-Place Updates to Consider for Your Bathroom

As your local aging-in-place experts, we are here to help you create a space that feels safe even as your mobility levels continue to change. Here are some aging-in-place updates we recommend for seniors. 

Walk-in showers: Reduce the worry of tripping and falling while you bathe by installing a barrier-free shower in your bathroom. With our senior walk-in showers, you can opt for an entry that is flush with the floor so you can easily step inside. 

Safety accessories: We offer a variety of safety accessories to help you maintain your independence as you get older. Consider adding grab bars for extra stability, non-slip flooring, or a comfortable seat to your new shower. 

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When to Consider a Senior Bathroom Remodel

Even if you know you eventually want to age in place, it can sometimes be difficult to decide when to start your bathroom remodel. These are a few signs it’s time to start planning your senior bathroom remodel:

  • You are nearing retirement age
  • You’re not experiencing mobility restrictions, but you want to be proactive
  • You are starting to experience mobility restrictions and you want to prevent an injury
  • You are struggling to bathe independently
  • Your bathroom is outdated and you’re ready for an update
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Schedule Your Bathroom Remodel Today

Don’t put off your senior bathroom remodel any longer. With the help of the BathWorks team, you can have a safe, beautiful bathroom that you feel confident using even as you get older and your needs change.

To learn more about what we can do for your bathroom, call us at 616-303-4733 or contact us online

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FAQs About Bathrooms for Seniors?

> Will my bathroom look “old?” 

Absolutely not! We are proud to offer safe, aging-in-place products that look beautiful and modern. Our team is here to help you create a bathroom that matches your preferred design aesthetic while also making sure it fits your safety requirements. 

> Do you offer any special pricing?

Yes, we do. We believe that you should be able to create a safe bathroom without breaking the bank. We encourage you to look at our special offers to see how much you can save on your project.


$1,000 OFF with No interest and No payments for 12 months!
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