Shower Remodel Ideas for Your Small Bathroom Remodel in Grand Rapids, MI

Feb 20, 2023

If you have a small bathroom, the space can feel cramped and inadequate for your needs. However, if moving is not within your budget, you might feel stuck with your small space. We have good news for you! Planning a strategic small bathroom remodel in Grand Rapids, MI can go a long way in making your space more functional.

In most cases, we recommend starting with your shower. Keep reading to learn our best small bathroom shower remodel ideas that can make your whole bathroom feel bigger. 

Opt for a Barrier-Free Entrance

Often, the key to making your bathroom look and feel bigger is all about creating visual space. If you’re planning to replace your shower, we recommend choosing a model with a barrier-free entry

Instead of having a lipped ledge to step over, barrier-free showers have a low-entry threshold that is modern and tricks your eye into thinking the room is bigger than it is because it blends into the ground. As a bonus, barrier-free showers are safer, especially for those with mobility restrictions. 

Add Built-In Shelving

One of the many reasons Grand Rapids homeowners trust the BathWorks team is that we can customize bathrooms based on our customers’ specific needs. For homeowners with small bathrooms, we often recommend adding built-in shelving during their shower remodeling project. 

When you have a small bathroom, that usually means you don’t have much storage. This can lead to excess products sitting in your bathtub or shower. This cluttered look can make your small space feel more cramped. By adding built-in shelving to your shower, you can organize your product, making your bathroom look cleaner and giving the illusion of more space. 

Choose a Light and Bright Design

Our acrylic shower walls come in a variety of different styles and colors so you can customize your bathroom to match your desired aesthetic. When you’re remodeling a small bathroom, we recommend choosing light and bright colors to make the room look bigger. 

Darker colors tend to make your bathroom look smaller, especially if you don’t have any natural light coming into the space. Instead, opt for bright whites, light grays, or other light colors to make your bathroom look and feel bigger. 

Consider Glass Doors 

Finally, consider installing a shower with glass doors to create the illusion of more space. Since you can see through glass doors, your eyes will see more of the room than they would with solid walls. 

This gives your bathroom a more open look and helps it to feel bigger. And, if you have a detachable shower head, glass doors are easier than ever to clean so your bathroom chore list can be tackled with no extra effort. 

Start Planning Your Small Bathroom Remodel in Grand Rapids

After reading through our tips on how to tackle a small bathroom shower remodel, we hope you feel more prepared to start planning your project. When you’re ready to get your small bathroom remodel in Grand Rapids on the books, the BathWorks team is here to help. 

Contact us today to get one step closer to maximizing the space in your bathroom and helping it feel more functional for your family’s needs.

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