Things to Consider About a Walk-In Shower

Nov 29, 2022

Are you planning a bathroom remodeling project in the near future? One of the most important decisions you’ll make is about your bathing area. One popular option with homeowners these days is installing a walk-in shower. 

But, how do you know if that’s the right option for your home and your family’s needs? We’re here to help make your decision an easier one. Continue reading to learn about the most important things to consider when deciding if you should add a walk-in shower to your bathroom. 

Bathroom Remodel with Large Bathtub and Glass Walk in Shower


Benefits of a Walk-In Shower

Let’s start by taking a look at some of the many benefits of adding a walk-in shower to your home. Our customers love walk-in showers because of the following reasons. 

They’re Accessible

Are you part of the 77% of adults over the age of 50 who plan to stay in their homes for the long term? If you want to age in place, the simple fact of the matter is that you need a safe place to bathe. Unlike bathtubs, walk-in showers typically have a barrier-free entry, eliminating the risk of tripping and falling so you can maintain your independence as you get older. 

They’re Easy to Clean

Dirt, grime, and soap scum tend to build up in bathtubs since water accumulates in the tub while you use it. But, with a walk-in shower, the water drains while you use it, so there’s less that accumulates. What you do need to clean is easier too, as you can quickly rinse down the shower walls with a handheld shower head and then go about your day. 

They Can Increase Your Home Value

Incorporating popular home trends into your design can help you fetch more money when you go to sell. And, right now, modern showers are all the rage. By replacing your outdated bathtub or shower with a new, modern walk-in shower, you can boost your home’s value with a feature that will appeal to most buyers.

They Can Make Your Bathroom Look and Feel Bigger

Does your bathroom layout feel cramped and small? Adding a walk-in shower can make it look and feel bigger instantly. A tall walk-in shower draws the eye up, making the room look taller. Additionally, glass shower walls can make the whole bathroom look bigger because you can see more of the space when you walk inside.

Potential Drawbacks of a Walk-In Shower

Of course, a walk-in shower isn’t the right choice for every homeowner. There are a few potential drawbacks you may want to consider before adding a walk-in shower to your space. 

  • If you have small children, bathing them is easier in a bathtub than in a shower. If you only have one bathtub in your home, you might not want to replace it with a walk-in shower
  • As we mentioned above, glass shower walls can make your whole bathroom look bigger. However, they also don’t afford as much privacy as other shower designs. Keep this in mind when deciding whether to add a walk-in shower to your bathroom.

Design Considerations

Finally, think about the design aspects of a walk-in shower. One of the reasons we love building these for our customers is that they’re highly customizable. When you hire the BathWorks team for your project, you can choose from a wide variety of different styles, colors, and designs to create a unique shower that you truly love. 

You can even add safety features like built-in seating and grab bars so your bathing area better fits your needs. 

Trust the BathWorks Team for Your Bathroom Remodel

Now that you know more about whether a walk-in shower makes sense for your home, you can start planning your project. Here at BathWorks, we’re proud to serve homeowners like you throughout the greater West Michigan area. 

When you’re ready to change your space, our team will guide you through the process with ease. In many cases, we can install your new shower in as little as just one day! Contact us today to take the next step toward the bathroom of your dreams. 


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