Can I Schedule a Bathroom Renovation for the Winter?

Nov 23, 2021

Are you part of the nearly 70% of homeowners planning to do a home upgrade that includes a bathroom renovation? If so, then you already know you have plenty of decisions ahead of you. 

Between choosing design elements for your renovation and picking the right contractor, it can be a bit overwhelming. Another thing you should carefully consider is when to schedule your project. Fortunately, you’re in the right place for help with that! 

Read through this short guide to learn more about the benefits of scheduling a winter bathroom renovation. 

You’ll Have Easier Access to Products

Many homeowners plan bathroom remodeling projects during the fall, so they can have their homes upgraded before the holidays. As a result, they have a harder time finding products that are in stock. 

If you wait to schedule your project during the winter, however, manufacturers will have had time to restock their products after the fall rush. This means you won’t have to wait for products to come in or settle for less desirable options due to lack of supply. 

You’ll Have More Scheduling Options

As we mentioned above, many homeowners want to remodel their homes before the holiday season. Once that busy season slows down, remodeling companies have more openings in their schedule, so it’s easier for them to accommodate your project. 

Here at BathWorks, specifically, our team specializes in one-day remodels, so we can get in, transform your bathroom, and get out, all on a schedule that works best for you. 

You Might End up Saving Money on Your Bathroom Renovation

Since there are fewer projects and supply delays in the winter months, that could also work to your advantage in terms of cost savings. Some manufacturers offer discounts on products during the slower months, so you could pay less for some items than you would during peak times of the year. 

Of course, the BathWorks team believes in offering affordable bathroom renovations year-round. Check out our current special offers to learn how to save!

You Can Make the Cold Weather Work to Your Advantage

Are you planning to do exterior remodeling in addition to upgrading your bathroom? Here in Michigan, our winters make it almost impossible to do exterior updates during the snowy months. This makes it the perfect time to focus on your home’s interior. 

Booking your bathroom remodel during the winter frees up time and money during the summer for you to book your exterior remodeling projects. 

You’ll Be Less Likely to Experience Project Delays

Finally, by scheduling your bathroom renovation in the winter, you’re less likely to experience a delay in the project’s timeline. This all comes back to the fact that there are fewer projects happening during these months. 

In peak renovation times, sometimes projects take longer than expected. Unfortunately, that means your project start date may be impacted, putting your project off track before it ever gets started. During the winter, you won’t have to worry about these types of delays. 

Schedule a Winter Bathroom Renovation Today

Now that you know more about some of the benefits of scheduling a bathroom renovation in the winter, are you ready to get your project on the books? BathWorks is a leading bathroom remodeling company in Grand Rapids and surrounding areas. 

No matter what time of year you schedule your project, we’ll deliver high-quality workmanship and customer service every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more about how we can transform your bathroom!

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